Hi, We’re WindowSight

We are building an art community
based on a new revenue system
and we want you on board.

1. Upload content
2. Get views
3. Get paid

WindowSight is an upcoming streaming art platform where Artists host their high quality content and users subscribe to experience it on their big screens.


It’s free for artists and you earn money

50% of the profit generated by the users goes to the artists they view.

A work asset with the best from social media

Boost your exposure and engage with your audience through quality.

Work at your will

Finally get all your high quality content on one spot without worries. Give your work some extra life.

Latest additions:

Nathan Makris

Jaxon Roberts

Dennis Schmelz

Chamo San

So... why join now?  

We want to get you hyped up while WindowSight undergoes its finishing touches.

Earn 60% on the content you post before the launch!

We just got here, but we want to contribute to a better art ecosystem with you:

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